Social Media has made Food Marketing a blissful experience- the perfect solution for online business content for the daily user.

I don’t know if hospitality experts truly understand the leaps and bounds social content can perform when used in the right way, targeting the right people. Putting effort into fantastic images, informative posts and video content will give a large amount of insight into your venue, before the customer even steps inside your door.

Millennial’s are definitely the most sought after demographic when focusing on social media marketing, as they whole heartedly embrace food content and what is on offer. Not only on image based platforms, but also Youtube and mainstream Media we see young cooking shows, DIY recipes and engaging content that brings viewers into enthusiast’s kitchens on an hourly basis. With this kind of marketing on show, at all hours of the day, there is no reason why your business can’t join in! We want fast answers, and by looking at an Instagram or Facebook page with loads of colours, strong visuals and engaging content, we are more likely to continue looking over your brands page and eventually try the place out. Building a platform also builds trust within customers, as they watch the story unfold within your kitchen, your staffs actions and the result of your products on a daily basis.

Posting images of the dishes and beverages you make in your kitchen can be posted daily, along with special offers and events that may be coming up within the venue. By setting up this online storefront, viewers will be able to identify the overall vibe and whether or not it fits their interests. It’s a sure way to hit the right people, as your content weaves its way to the right kind of customers. Also, we wary that you must keep your online personality alive at all times, just in case someone comments on one of your posts with a question or even private messages the page with a request- everything is relevant and necessary. News spreads fast online, so being active and attentive will be beneficial.

Something to keep in mind is the strong amount of influence your Chefs have within the realm of social media. Chefs are incredibly effective ambassadors, who hold the authority and education to inform and entertain viewers. Consumers trust them, and rely heavily on the information that is given by them- absorbing tips and tricks to make an ideal dish or even the best place to buy ingredients from, it’s all relevant!

It’s safe to say that your Chef holds a tight system in your kitchen, tying together the menu, the service, the ambience, the music and also the level of teamwork within your staff’s behaviour. The Chef rules the floor, telling your servers when to come, to go, what to say to customers and how to relay the right information- they are the backbone of your venue and must in turn be recognised. Chef’s are also known to obsess over details and hold a strong desire to satisfy your customers needs- which crosses into an effective and relatable tool catered to social media marketing. It all ties in, giving you the perfect medium and muse to dangle in front of thousands on online consumers when needed!

Coming together for a few dishes, over a bottle of wine and ambient music sounds like a perfect situation, and to most people it is. That’s why the hospitality industry is forever booming, as food remains a necessity in everyday living and we as hungry consumers want to try out as many different dishes as possible in the trendiest venues around. For this sole reason, there is no limit in marketing and no excuse for bad service- as food remains the common factor in coming together and sharing a moment that everyone can enjoy- so get online and share those moments on a large platform.