15 Ways Your Cafe or Restaurant Can Use Facebook to Attract More Customers

With over 1.8 Billion daily active users on the platform, there’s plenty of eyes on newsfeeds. Facebook is now the largest advertising platform with over $8 billion spent by advertisers in 2016 and that number will increase dramatically in 2017 as more and more businesses realise the benefits of advertising on the platform. As hospitality businesses, people are the [...]

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Read This if you Want to Stay Ahead in the Marketing Game

Nothing is more depressing than seeing a dip in the sales chart or having five or six servers on with no activity whatsoever. We want our business booming – reservations booked full and line-ups at the door! We must promote ourselves if we want to we fill those seats. If we aren’t marketing, we aren’t [...]

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What We Should be Looking for in that First Interview

There are two types of employees in the restaurant industry. The first type is nothing more than an order-taker. They write stuff down, deliver it out on trays, and wait for the debit transaction to go through. The second type is the server who takes pride in their work and connects with their tables. Imagine [...]

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The Right Way to Train Our Employees

All restaurant owners ask themselves the same question with each new hire –  can I get these people to run my business the way I want them to? We hope to instill in them the values that we hold so dearly, values which we hope they will carry with them even when we’re not around. [...]

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This is What to Discuss in Pre-Shift and Why

Gathering our troops before battle is essential to establish a sense of camaraderie and some common goals. What many managers don’t realize is that it’s just as important for them as it is for the serving team. Talking to our staff beforehand makes us focused and puts us in the right frame of mind as [...]

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5 Tasks We Have as Managers During the Rush

The dinner rush of a restaurant is arguably the most significant part of our day. It’s where we see the most profit and the most action. There’s also a bigger potential for mistakes if we aren’t prepared for it. Our role as leaders during this time is simple – we want to make sure the [...]

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