Your Guide To Reducing Costs In Your Restaurant And Maximizing Profits

Are your restaurant costs higher than they should be? Controlling costs while maintaining profits is the secret to success when it comes to any business. But how do you go about lowering your costs and keeping the quality of your food and service high in your restaurant? More and more people are choosing to dine [...]

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15 Ways Your Cafe or Restaurant Can Use Facebook to Attract More Customers

With over 1.8 Billion daily active users on the platform, there’s plenty of eyes on newsfeeds. Facebook is now the largest advertising platform with over $8 billion spent by advertisers in 2016 and that number will increase dramatically in 2017 as more and more businesses realise the benefits of advertising on the platform. As hospitality businesses, people are the [...]

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5 Tasks We Have as Managers During the Rush

The dinner rush of a restaurant is arguably the most significant part of our day. It’s where we see the most profit and the most action. There’s also a bigger potential for mistakes if we aren’t prepared for it. Our role as leaders during this time is simple – we want to make sure the [...]

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Understand The Value within your Venue

A great deal of expectation is thrust upon hospitality businesses’ in every field, leaving no job unnoticed by both competitors and customers alike. The Internet has given way to introducing the champions of the industry, who excel and broaden the scope of what a restaurant/bar or café ‘should be’- however this only heightens the mood [...]

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Using the Right Tools

By thoroughly understanding your business, your clients and your angle- your marketing network will be able to flourish internally and externally. As well as this, real time online marketing will be able to flourish and expand while you’re busy dealing with the gritty daily duties of your business. Having a network target, a structured media [...]

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In The Name of Tech

Owning a business brings on the task and necessity to maintain valuable relationships with customers- and luckily, technology is helping us do just that. As technology develops, it’s our job to keep up and understand how we can benefit our business by using these new platforms. By integrating a more convenient, informed and valuable approach [...]

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The difference between a leader and a manager

Both are independent from each other, yet these roles also maintain a relationship which strengthens the other. Their overall goals within service remain similar; being that strong ties with their co-workers must be maintained in order to appear trustworthy, whilst also knowing how to run the venue accordingly in relation to each team member’s strong [...]

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Taking Your Brand To The Next Level Up

We often ask ourselves, can I do more to expand my brand? And the answer is a defiant YES, thanks to the realm of social media and instant online communication, the possibilities never truly stop. If you successfully promote your brand in the right spaces to the right crowd, your business will continue to boom [...]

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Understanding the Hospitality Environment

For most, the Hospitality industry provides the notion of friendship, teamwork and trust. One can expect these elements in a majority of workplaces, however, it takes time to reach that level of certainty within a working team. Whether your business venture is recent, or your team is being revamped, new personalities means new dynamics, so [...]

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Welcome to Hospitality Hub!

Hello and welcome to Hospitality Hub and to our inaugural blog post. I must say that it’s pretty exciting to finally be writing our first blog post in anticipation of our launch. For our team this has been a concept we have been engineering for the past 12 months, its pretty awesome to see something [...]

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