Ordering Online

The concept of dining is changing rapidly and we are a stage which forces us to think about where the industry is headed next. Being in this position can’t be described as smooth sailing, because technology and hospitality don’t always go hand in hand- you must first weigh out the attributes of your business and [...]

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Communicate with your Customers

Despite what you hear, customers like to get personal. It may seem like a bizarre concept, mainly due to the fact that hospitality venues give customers an experience, a dish of pleasure or an ambience that fits the right mood- separate from any personal kind of interference. However, thanks to a special platform called ‘social [...]

THE FORMULA: Four simple steps to delivering a great experience

There is a simple solution to ensure that each of your customers has a positive and long lasting experience within your business. By enticing them to return, they must leave feeling good. Although there are many factors involved within ‘customer experience’ (we will dive a bit deeper into this in some video training) here are [...]

Social Platforms = Business Necessity

Social Media has made Food Marketing a blissful experience- the perfect solution for online business content for the daily user. I don’t know if hospitality experts truly understand the leaps and bounds social content can perform when used in the right way, targeting the right people. Putting effort into fantastic images, informative posts and video [...]

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The Power of Mobile Marketing

Your brands presence and performance levels must be visible across tech platforms- allowing possible clients to access your business in a smooth and up-to-date way, without hassle or confusion. This is ‘mobile-first’ marketing, the new sector which will distinguish your brand above the rest. To master this avenue will take time and certainty, with a [...]

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In The Name of Tech

Owning a business brings on the task and necessity to maintain valuable relationships with customers- and luckily, technology is helping us do just that. As technology develops, it’s our job to keep up and understand how we can benefit our business by using these new platforms. By integrating a more convenient, informed and valuable approach [...]

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