Your Guide To Reducing Costs In Your Restaurant And Maximizing Profits

Are your restaurant costs higher than they should be? Controlling costs while maintaining profits is the secret to success when it comes to any business. But how do you go about lowering your costs and keeping the quality of your food and service high in your restaurant? More and more people are choosing to dine [...]

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The Right Way to Train Our Employees

All restaurant owners ask themselves the same question with each new hire –  can I get these people to run my business the way I want them to? We hope to instill in them the values that we hold so dearly, values which we hope they will carry with them even when we’re not around. [...]

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This is What to Discuss in Pre-Shift and Why

Gathering our troops before battle is essential to establish a sense of camaraderie and some common goals. What many managers don’t realize is that it’s just as important for them as it is for the serving team. Talking to our staff beforehand makes us focused and puts us in the right frame of mind as [...]

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5 Tasks We Have as Managers During the Rush

The dinner rush of a restaurant is arguably the most significant part of our day. It’s where we see the most profit and the most action. There’s also a bigger potential for mistakes if we aren’t prepared for it. Our role as leaders during this time is simple – we want to make sure the [...]

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How to Reset Expectations with Our Employees

No matter who we hire or how well our operations are run, there comes a time when an employee may fall behind. For one reason or another, this individual no longer – or never did – adhere to the standards that we expect from our staff. For example, we may have a bartender overpouring drinks [...]

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Procedures = Structures

  To gain a controlled and enjoyable atmosphere within your venue, it’s important that you have set procedures in place. A customer’s experience is based upon the order and service within your business, and due to the fact that hospitality is a customer service based industry, you must meet their needs by creating endless team [...]

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Setting the Standards

  Progressing towards a well structured venue requires the task of carefully placing responsibility, rules and set standards to your staff’s attention. As most of us have worked within the industry, we understand that standards and goals allow us to push forward and work a little harder. When an understanding is set in place within [...]

Ramping Up For Service

Most managers prefer their staff to appear ready and willing to take on their shifts, mainly because the amount of stress put onto a staff member during service may be all over their face if they aren’t! None of us want customers to feel worried about their meals when their waiter appears to be running [...]

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Share Your Venue

To establish a successfully running business, systems must be put in place in order to create a functional work flow. To do this, each sector must be shared, that includes the kitchen, the floor and the bar area in order to allow communication and understanding to seamlessly occur during each service period. This may be [...]

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Embrace the Millenial Employee

Studying the vibrancy and overall difference of perspective within the average millennial is pretty noteworthy, as their limitless sources to information and keen eye for trend changes could be beneficial to your business.   There’s definitely been an obvious generation gap between the X, Y and Z bracket, compared with those before- as the internet [...]

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