Studying the vibrancy and overall difference of perspective within the average millennial is pretty noteworthy, as their limitless sources to information and keen eye for trend changes could be beneficial to your business.


There’s definitely been an obvious generation gap between the X, Y and Z bracket, compared with those before- as the internet has made a huge impact on their actions, thoughts and general behavior. Social media especially has given way to a new form of speech, allowing users to openly express themselves to anyone online through creativity, originality and opinions- speaking to others that also share the same patterns of interest. With this said, recruiting a millennial into your business may just be a good way to speak to a larger group of potential customers and branch out in a more creative and distinctive way which reflects your brand.


To further analyze their character, Millennials hold a drastically different outlook on what is expected from their employment experience. They have high expectations for themselves as most have a good education, self confidence, a tech savvy nature and of course a higher level of energy than most. This combination gives them a greater need to work within teams and communicate with others more frequently, as they wish to seek a work environment that they can enjoy. All in all, Millennials are social creatures that have instant access to information in many forms- so be sure to keep on top of their desires and work together to achieve ultimate results.


Hear Them Out


It doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion on your marketing scheme, especially from someone that is constantly sourcing material on a daily basis. Social platforms allow you to scroll through ads and sponsored content at a rapid rate, giving you only seconds to capture the attention of thousands of millennial’s- making it imperative to showcase content that fits within current trends and also stays on brand. The new generation have the eye and understanding to let you know what works and what is visually pleasing, because of course, you need your pages to reflect continuity and intrigue on a constant basis.


Remaining open to suggestions may just keep your online presence alive- as your newly recruited staff have the knowledge to maintain and monitor pages that you may not have time for. Also in terms of the venue itself, having a fresh perspective and outlook within your establishment is always helpful. When younger groups of customers enter the door, you’ll be able to have a menu and atmosphere in the venue that suits their style- recommended that you ask your millennial team first!


Socially Minded


Growing up in a time where information has become instantly available, where answers to any question or query can be found within a few clicks, our Millennial counterparts have grown to be socially minded as well as desirably creative. Their need to know what is happening around them, in all forms, whether it be globally or in their inner circle has create an apparent and obvious desire to outdo themselves and further excel their ambitions. By having access to anyone’s personal profile, to be able to view their peer’s creative endeavors and life experiences on a constant basis can be completely shattering or motivational- so it’s important to know this when hiring and maintain a relationship with your millennial team. They require constant feedback and approval, which allows them to uphold a sense of confidence and continue their work at a satisfactory level.


By giving approval, feedback and constructive criticism in an approachable manner, your staff will be able to ask you questions openly and strive to fix their own mistakes. With anyone having the ability to see how your life is playing out via social platforms, there now seems to be an importance in maintain a steady and healthy persona. Within this group, a lack of change or tendency to ignore staff will not be tolerated- as it will contribute heavily to a bad sense of work ethic. If they become bored or sense that you as the owner don’t care about their wellbeing, they will move on to somewhere else where their ability to create new and excited concepts is accepted openly.


Another fantastic trait that these fast minded individuals hold is the ability to multi task!  Talking on the phone whilst sending emails or making coffee will not and cannot phase them- their natures are fast pace and constantly on the go. Their way of life is incredibly changeable, allowing them to integrate a whole range of services within their roles- because without different tasks to pursue, they may just experience the scary sight of boredom!