A great deal of expectation is thrust upon hospitality businesses’ in every field, leaving no job unnoticed by both competitors and customers alike. The Internet has given way to introducing the champions of the industry, who excel and broaden the scope of what a restaurant/bar or café ‘should be’- however this only heightens the mood and hope within customers as they stumble upon new establishments.

But don’t worry, this level of expectation is not a true reality, as the internet twists and turns viewers into thinking that every business venture is an opportunity to do something GREAT and DIFFERENT, disregarding positive customer experience and traditional quality products. So, to relay the most appropriate information of your business to your customers, we have put together some points to stay on top of;

Remain Adaptable

Every venue must remain a melting pot, open to culture, dynamics and variety, as interests flow across tables and opinions dart from customer to customer.

Whilst these tousles continues during service, it’s important that your venue sticks to its identity, knowing foremost that all opinions and levels of comfort within your clients and staff is of high priority. We all know that when a difficult customer walks through the door, the server only has a view options to act upon. To ease the tension of this decision, it’s important that you as an owner tackle it first hand, by teaching your staff how to conduct themselves amongst ‘difficult’ clientele. Open ears are your first point of interest, remember to listen and stay alert to feedback, as these clients may switch their attitude, go overboard or provide a point- it’s the servers job to distinguish appropriate comments from the out of hand and then relay to head of staff. By listening, your team are holding themselves as distinguished workers, eager to calm situations and find solutions that fit within the venue’s lines of adaptability.

 Data is Everything

 If the ‘wow’ factor is what you’re heading towards, then look no further than the data on your trusty venue systems. To truly knock over your customers’ expectations, technology has given businesses the opportunity to custom make their clients next dining experience.

This aspect of marketing gives your business the control it needs- by studying your database, you will be able to see which people (previous customers) are interested in wine or more focused on food. By deconstructing this information into categories and sub-categories, your venue will be able to put the right opportunities in front of the right people. When you know what your customers want, on which day/night of the week, an inside custom service can truly go a long way!

Most computers within a Hospitality related venue will have a POS designed system installed on them, which stores the right information needed from each customer’s full service. If a group comes in, throwing money on drinks and food, or an event is being held for a particular function, you will be able to see how well the occasion went- and where the money was going towards. Over time, this information will prove crucial, as you will know what to tell your servers in regards to what kind of customer has re-visited the venue or where your future customers are headed in terms of product and customer management.