How to Reset Expectations with Our Employees

No matter who we hire or how well our operations are run, there comes a time when an employee may fall behind. For one reason or another, this individual no longer – or never did – adhere to the standards that we expect from our staff. For example, we may have a bartender overpouring drinks [...]

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The Necessity of Valuing Our Employees

Through our hiring process, we’ve recruited some great employees to our team – some real go-getters with a great attitude who will make us proud. The question is, how do we keep them? Perhaps we’ve lost some of our best people or we’re hearing rumors about employees wanting to quit. Maybe we just want to [...]

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3 Steps to Ensure Unhappy Guests Leave Happy

A server approaches and tells us there’s a problem. Perhaps the food is cold or they’ve been waiting too long. Whatever it is, the guests are upset and they want to speak to a manager. Our hearts are beating as we walk towards the table, wondering what we’re going to say. Anyone who’s ever run [...]

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Are We Using Social Media to its Full Potential?

There’s no question that marketing has shifted into the digital along with everything else. While most of us can accept that, there’s still a certain stigma attached to bringing up platforms like Facebook and Twitter in a marketing meeting. Make no mistake, to disregard social media as a legitimate source of marketing for our restaurants [...]

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How to Guarantee a Great Guest Experience

My first day managing the restaurant was one I’ll never forget. In fact, it changed my perspective on what it is we do as workers in the industry. One table stands out to me from that day and it was one that hadn’t gone so well. Their food was cold, it took too long, and [...]

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Procedures = Structures

  To gain a controlled and enjoyable atmosphere within your venue, it’s important that you have set procedures in place. A customer’s experience is based upon the order and service within your business, and due to the fact that hospitality is a customer service based industry, you must meet their needs by creating endless team [...]

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Setting the Standards

  Progressing towards a well structured venue requires the task of carefully placing responsibility, rules and set standards to your staff’s attention. As most of us have worked within the industry, we understand that standards and goals allow us to push forward and work a little harder. When an understanding is set in place within [...]

Creating Valuable and Engaging Content

Venturing onto social media platforms is a steady step forward for your business, as we all know by now, social media marketing is one of the fastest ways to heighten your rep and influence future customers. But to do this successfully and reach the numbers you want, the direction your content is heading towards is [...]

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