15 Ways Your Cafe or Restaurant Can Use Facebook to Attract More Customers

With over 1.8 Billion daily active users on the platform, there’s plenty of eyes on newsfeeds. Facebook is now the largest advertising platform with over $8 billion spent by advertisers in 2016 and that number will increase dramatically in 2017 as more and more businesses realise the benefits of advertising on the platform. As hospitality businesses, people are the [...]

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Read This if you Want to Stay Ahead in the Marketing Game

Nothing is more depressing than seeing a dip in the sales chart or having five or six servers on with no activity whatsoever. We want our business booming – reservations booked full and line-ups at the door! We must promote ourselves if we want to we fill those seats. If we aren’t marketing, we aren’t [...]

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Are We Using Social Media to its Full Potential?

There’s no question that marketing has shifted into the digital along with everything else. While most of us can accept that, there’s still a certain stigma attached to bringing up platforms like Facebook and Twitter in a marketing meeting. Make no mistake, to disregard social media as a legitimate source of marketing for our restaurants [...]

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Creating Valuable and Engaging Content

Venturing onto social media platforms is a steady step forward for your business, as we all know by now, social media marketing is one of the fastest ways to heighten your rep and influence future customers. But to do this successfully and reach the numbers you want, the direction your content is heading towards is [...]

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Speciality Speciality Speciality

I’m sure you’ve seen this word pop up almost everywhere, proposing significant flavours and an increased sense of effort- but c’mon, why do we really feel the pull of this statement? Some may say that the industry has reached a creative halt, as the internet comes booming down and interfering with mainstream hospitality perks and [...]

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Understand The Value within your Venue

A great deal of expectation is thrust upon hospitality businesses’ in every field, leaving no job unnoticed by both competitors and customers alike. The Internet has given way to introducing the champions of the industry, who excel and broaden the scope of what a restaurant/bar or café ‘should be’- however this only heightens the mood [...]

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Boost your clientele, the right way…

Brand loyalty may be declining, as customers are becoming savvier and more aware of custom business delivery. You now have to reach clients across multiple platforms, but also, you can’t forget the fundamental reasons each customer visits your revenue. We want to make sure you’re objectives remain within their prior frame, regardless of digital impact! [...]

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The Power of Mobile Marketing

Your brands presence and performance levels must be visible across tech platforms- allowing possible clients to access your business in a smooth and up-to-date way, without hassle or confusion. This is ‘mobile-first’ marketing, the new sector which will distinguish your brand above the rest. To master this avenue will take time and certainty, with a [...]

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