I’m sure you’ve seen this word pop up almost everywhere, proposing significant flavours and an increased sense of effort- but c’mon, why do we really feel the pull of this statement?

Some may say that the industry has reached a creative halt, as the internet comes booming down and interfering with mainstream hospitality perks and service, customers automatically find themselves searching for ‘more’.  It could be a phase, but right now and for the last couple of years, ‘Speciality’ products have been a hit within concentrated establishments.

This term has been brought up particularly for the café industry, as we watch the direction that customers and products combined are heading towards. Coffee is the biggest sale, as it delivers a story and acts as a necessity for most people throughout the day. As the coffee bean continues to climb the speciality ranks, customers are given more insight into the back story of its production and also a direct understanding of what each type of bean will offer in terms of taste. Speciality coffee sales have increasingly focused on harvest and production, making customers feel as though they are helping and assisting foreign workers in tougher circumstances. This is an understandable point and it works- along with the fact that Coffee will always make profit.

By looking at items that are considered ‘regular’ or even ‘staple’ would suggest that they can be shifted to the level of ‘speciality’ if there was opening for it. Burgers for instance are a classic take-away or casual meal, and by going into a new category of ‘meats’ and ‘dressings’- venue’s who have focused on burger culture are doing fantastically. It’s a niche market that derives from mainstream eating- a strange opposition that works wonders in the industry. If you take something that has always done well, something simple like hot chips or even pancakes- and focused entirely on making better versions of it, a new door will open, granted that its been done right.

Customers have 100% adapted to change within the industry, most likely due to the influence of social media platforms where sharing experiences of dining has become a satisfying duty. Whilst you as an owner speak with your team and underline a specific direction of taste and speciality within your venue, just remember that the simplest effect of all is giving your customers a great time. Also, to kick it up a notch, the software development hidden within your venue’s computers can give you the information you need to assure your customers return. Luring in people can be quite hard if you own a place in a small town, or a segregated area, so understanding your present customers likes and habits will be a huge benefit. By logging on to the POS system and calculating the dishes and beverages your servers have punched in for their tables, you can see where a regular customer usually sits, their eating habits and preference all at once. It’s a step up in personal marketing- making sure you’re one step ahead!