Fundamentally Floored – Learn to read the floor and your customers will love you

Reading the state of play of your cafe or restaurant throughout service is not innate skill it is very much a skill learned through trial, error , observation, frustration and unfortunately seeing a customer walking out the door without you maximising customer spend or worse not committing to spending money in your Business for some [...]

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Why communication is key to customer happiness

Your lunch was fantastic but now you need coffee - and the staff are nowhere in sight. Your latte may be behind 5 other docketed orders whilst your lunch date is nearing to an end, but the last thing you need to do is freak out. This delay is most likely caused by a shift change or [...]

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Staff Retention – How to reward, inspire and build a strong team

In an effort to retain employees, a distinction should be made between top performers and low level employees, in order to distinguish the most valuable players working within your business. This can be challenging, as top priority talent is hard to come by and even harder to keep- which is why you must follow the [...]

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