In an effort to retain employees, a distinction should be made between top performers and low level employees, in order to distinguish the most valuable players working within your business. This can be challenging, as top priority talent is hard to come by and even harder to keep- which is why you must follow the right strategies to keep your team together for the long run.

Employee turnover can be stirred by deep issues that have not been resolved within the workplace; being a lack of recognition, poor relationships, unclear career development and many other related variables. If employees hold a lack of commitment and satisfaction to the business, this can also cause them to start looking for other opportunities elsewhere. Although it may seem impossible to understand each of the core issues which drive turnover, small steps will make a huge difference.

Reward Your Staff

To recognize highly beneficial employees, you must first see them in action. Despite the fact that you will most likely be in and out of the venue at a constant rate, you need to find time to notice and evaluate their skill sets. By maintaining a platform of open communication with your team, insight into your staff’s performance can be forwarded to you. Also by engaging frequently with each team member, you will start to understand their perspective towards the job and how frequently they engage with customers.  

It’s crucial that you understand the huge value that these team members are bringing to your business, and to reward them properly. If they are producing a high amount of work and not being appreciated in some way, it will most likely affect their day-to-day service performance. If they start to see that their hard work and top notch productivity skills are not being recognized or rewarded, someone else will soon catch on and offer them a better deal with a higher price tag.

Encourage Development

There is an unfortunate and looming hesitation within owners and managers in regards to supporting their staff with training. Instead of providing development initiatives for their members to improve, their heads turn to the possibility that this investment will only benefit their staff’s future employer in a different company. However, this way of thinking can hinder each staff member, leading your team to think that you don’t have their best interests at heart. The benefits can extend in a variety of directions, by ensuring that your staff are more knowledgeable about their craft, more productive and also more confident. This source of education lets your staff know that they have a responsibility and the deserved respect they need to work within your venue, and if the time comes for them to leave, they will only have positive words to say about their experience.

Build Strong Bonds

One of the main points to ensure your employees remain in the game is that they are content within the workplace. Being social and appreciated within the team brings on a sense of security and confidence when facing situations on the floor and towards supervisors. Working relationships are vital, as they can make or break an attitude during service and within the team’s system. These relationships are more so focused on co workers rather than between managers, as it appears to push and inspire them to work harder and more cooperatively. To inspire these bonds of friendship, you can create events and activities within the team that will help each member get to know each other on a different level. However, the most effective seems to be within the venue itself, by organizing the way each space is set out, the staff will be encouraged to interact with each other more naturally.

We also found some statistics from the blog Bonusly, that focus on facts within the frame of staff retention:

– More than 70% of high-retention-risk employees say they have to leave their organization to advance their careers.

– 65 percent of employees are confident in finding a better position, while salary satisfaction declines.

-93% of millennials say they left their employer the last time they changed roles.

– 44% of employees say they would consider taking a job with a different company for a raise of 20% or less.

– Employees who are ‘engaged and thriving’ are 59% less likely to look for a job with a different organization in the next 12 months.

These stats may seem worrying, but they are also highly manageable. If you are able to pick out your prize employees and interact with them on a more personal level, you can make sure they are being treated fairly and are appreciated on a daily basis. By encouraging bonds, making the work space comfortable and rewarding staff members for their hard work, the dynamic will shift and your staff will understand that they work in a safe and secure environment with people who care about their overall feelings and perspective. The last thing you want is to lose a winner within your team, you is actually helping your business strive, so check that you are on top of your duties and look after them as best you can!


Hospitality Hub Team 🙂