We often ask ourselves, can I do more to expand my brand?

And the answer is a defiant YES, thanks to the realm of social media and instant online communication, the possibilities never truly stop. If you successfully promote your brand in the right spaces to the right crowd, your business will continue to boom and be shared during every hour of the day. There is no down time for social platforms, unless you make it that way.


There are numerous factors to consider when kick-starting your business; including the key player of marketing.

Marketing can solely aid in boosting your brands reputation, by hitting key demographics and ultimately understanding your future customers needs and desires. So, for your online social platforms to hit the target, be clear about your goals and your demographic.

The location of your business will reveal a multitude of answers within this frame, allowing you to see what competition lies around the corner and most importantly, what type of people/trends reside within your chosen neighborhood. By keeping an eye on clientele around the streets, you will eventually get a feel of what your future client will expect. This task can be tedious, as no single person is alike, however many can be similar in regards to the ‘bigger’ factors of customer experience expectations. For instance, the ambience can be heightened by music, food quality, large get-togethers and never-ending service, so play on these aspects by making sure they remain a role within your venue.

For each social platform, you are able to gain followers, share content and connect with other industry players, so why not make the most of it. These tools are imperative in keeping your clients connected to your brand, giving them access to information if they are out of the area or solely for them to get out of the house. Also, by creating and integrating a daily marketing routine strategy, your brand will automatically be placed in a competitive position.

Whilst doing this, be sure to maintain a ‘voice’ and ‘character’ through your pages, because after all, followers will identify your business through your content. The demographic will lead to your content’s aesthetic, by posting pictures of meals from your current menu, or staff socializing at the venue, the content can be playful, stylish and inviting. This online exchange is shared amongst foodies, competitors and reliable customers who are keen on diversity and trust the overall atmosphere you have maintained within the venue through your online presence.


There are many high end hospitality businesses which invest in PR professionals to get their venue moving in the right directions, to the right clientele of people. However, if you have just entered the industry and your funds are a little low, this work can be handled in-house by your own trusted team. Big scale events won’t be on your radar, but by hosting local dinners/exhibitions/screenings or gigs will heighten your reputation within the community and get your venue’s name out there!

By teaming up with other events around the area such as art exhibitions, auctions or upcoming gigs, there is a chance to expand your clientele and bring awareness to your business. With food, drinks, words and ongoing service roaming through the space, people are sure to enjoy themselves and retain the information and whereabouts of your place. Along with this, the incessant need to ‘Snapchat’ and Instagram live events is sure to occur, resulting in stream of questions, tags and positive feedback. This type of combined event can only be truly successful if your marketing plan has been laid out and followed through excessively day-to-day, so that there is no confusion as to who is running the program.

Mingle and listen, be attentive to your guests needs and reactions, making sure that their experience within your venue is a positive one. If a band is playing and a group of people have come in to enjoy a few drinks, focus on their drinking routine, intervene when you see that they need refreshments and remember to pop in and ask how their night is going at the right time. You don’t want to bombard your guests with questions when they have come in solely for an event, it is their duty to scope out the atmosphere and ask the right questions when you are near. As long as they know your business’s aims, menu and vibe, they are sure to return.


Trending or not trending, it’s your job to grab the attention of newcomers and influencers by introducing something new to the table. Cafe’s have the habit of focusing on daily beverage inspired products, being sweet flavored, ethical coffee or even herbal teas that heighten the livelihood and relevance of people in under funded areas. This work is very good for the community and also in a broader sense, allows consumer to understand that your business cares. The care factor is strong, and as most hospitality enthusiasts who enter the business game feel strongly about their service, going beyond the ‘money’ scope doesn’t always happen.

If you wish to enter a more stylized avenue, making a new dish or beverage hot on the scene takes a lot of organized effort. For instance, in the world of cocktails, there has been an introduction of chemistry inspired drinks, with smoke spurting over the glass, colours changing depending on the drinks ingredient and flavours enhanced by choice. You can’t deny that this concept is seriously cool and forever evolving; by taking the dedication of cocktail making to a whole new level. To do this with a dish, your aim is to create an ‘experience’ that ties in with the product. The experience and combination of styles, whether it be having a well known chef cook your steak at the table with you, or the chance to design your own ‘cheese board’ with connesuir wine tasters picking the perfect degree of wine for the night- an experience can be made. Prepare events that surround these special dishes, because sooner or later, that dish will resonate with more and more people and help the night run more smoothly on a very enticing note.

Don’t be overwhelmed with updating the venue’s constant actions, be clear and know the market you wish to progress in. Business means planning, so remind yourself of the vision you planned from the beginning and stick to it, because remember, the internet is your greatest tool!