Ramping Up For Service

Most managers prefer their staff to appear ready and willing to take on their shifts, mainly because the amount of stress put onto a staff member during service may be all over their face if they aren’t! None of us want customers to feel worried about their meals when their waiter appears to be running [...]

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Share Your Venue

To establish a successfully running business, systems must be put in place in order to create a functional work flow. To do this, each sector must be shared, that includes the kitchen, the floor and the bar area in order to allow communication and understanding to seamlessly occur during each service period. This may be [...]

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What happens after service slows down?

It’s inevitable, after a busy period, service will eventually slow down. If it didn’t, your staff would be overly exhausted and no prep would be done for the next stage of work. Whether it be meal prep in the kitchen, a thorough clean throughout the venue, stock take or polishing utensils, these ‘dead’ periods are [...]

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Ordering Online

The concept of dining is changing rapidly and we are a stage which forces us to think about where the industry is headed next. Being in this position can’t be described as smooth sailing, because technology and hospitality don’t always go hand in hand- you must first weigh out the attributes of your business and [...]

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Embrace the Millenial Employee

Studying the vibrancy and overall difference of perspective within the average millennial is pretty noteworthy, as their limitless sources to information and keen eye for trend changes could be beneficial to your business.   There’s definitely been an obvious generation gap between the X, Y and Z bracket, compared with those before- as the internet [...]

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Managing Your Team

As business continues, your staff will eventually begin to rely and find comfort towards each other. Working towards an understanding that they are a team and must therefore be open and communicate. This is the first building blog in ensuring your team is trusted and can mend situations amongst one another when you’re not around. [...]

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How to Manage Costs

Keeping your wage costs under control is a necessity in this industry- due to business flow changing at any moment, it remains important to rely on crunching numbers. The last thing you want is to end up in heavy debt, with money management falling behind and stock being low at a daily rate- so tackle [...]

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Communicate with your Customers

Despite what you hear, customers like to get personal. It may seem like a bizarre concept, mainly due to the fact that hospitality venues give customers an experience, a dish of pleasure or an ambience that fits the right mood- separate from any personal kind of interference. However, thanks to a special platform called ‘social [...]

THE FORMULA: Four simple steps to delivering a great experience

There is a simple solution to ensure that each of your customers has a positive and long lasting experience within your business. By enticing them to return, they must leave feeling good. Although there are many factors involved within ‘customer experience’ (we will dive a bit deeper into this in some video training) here are [...]

Speciality Speciality Speciality

I’m sure you’ve seen this word pop up almost everywhere, proposing significant flavours and an increased sense of effort- but c’mon, why do we really feel the pull of this statement? Some may say that the industry has reached a creative halt, as the internet comes booming down and interfering with mainstream hospitality perks and [...]

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