There is a simple solution to ensure that each of your customers has a positive and long lasting experience within your business. By enticing them to return, they must leave feeling good. Although there are many factors involved within ‘customer experience’ (we will dive a bit deeper into this in some video training) here are 4 steps to follow, to make sure that you and your staff are delivering the best possible experience to your customers.



When it comes to marketing, the first step is knowing who your customer truly is. By understanding your client, it becomes a lot easier to find them during this process, so that you can be assured that the right type of person is attracted to your establishment.

Being able to connect with each customer on any basis makes a big impact, even if it is simply knowing their name, their favourite coffee or their go-to beverage. This can be done by teaching your staff to find genuine ways to connect with your customers and help build strong relationships between them. The stronger the relationship becomes, the more chance you have of each client coming back, however that is not the only cause.


The success of ‘customer experience’ relies on the ability to deliver on your promises. As previously stated, managing your customer’s expectations remains a critical factor here. By being able to deliver consistently will ensure that your customers are content, as their expectations are being met. It is also important to note that the connection must be sustained, because things don’t always go to plan. Sometimes a steak may be over cooked or the wrong dish has been delivered, but if a relationship exists between your staff and the customer, the easier the situation will be, and will most likely transition from negative to positive.


Think back to a time where you had a great customer experience; what made it memorable for you? The staff? Or were your expectations exceeded?

Being able to give your customers a memorable experience, will keep them coming back for more. Everyone is different, so sometimes it’s the little things that people remember. It’s the overall feeling the customer takes from their experience- so what are you and your team doing to impress your customers, to make their experience something to come back for?

4.Utilize Social Media

For each social platform, you are able to gain followers, share content and connect with other industry players, so why not make the most of it. These tools are imperative in keeping your clients connected to your brand, giving them access to information if they are out of the area or solely for them to get out of the house. Also, by creating and integrating a daily marketing routine strategy, your brand will automatically be placed in a competitive position.