By thoroughly understanding your business, your clients and your angle- your marketing network will be able to flourish internally and externally.

As well as this, real time online marketing will be able to flourish and expand while you’re busy dealing with the gritty daily duties of your business. Having a network target, a structured media plan and an outlined advertisement scheme in play, your social platforms will in-turn boost the success rate of customer walk ins and future reference.


PR Strategies

Brands will swoop into PR agencies right on the mark, giving local consumers the information they need right before you open your doors. This strategy is effective, as well as cost effective- as long as your connections were already established beforehand. By building a relationship with local writers, salesmen and home owners, word could of been spread as fast as you needed it to. PR teams will conjure the right information needed to secure your business a spot in the area, providing locals and media outlets with the most eye catching points they need in order to promote your new establishment. For this release to be special, your angle will have to be individual and solely related to your brands image. Being a certain dish, a service unlike others in the industry or staff being trained and sourced from a high calibre, your venue must be put on a pedestal in order to diminish the competition at opening time.


Social Plan

Within each week, a structured and outlined table should be made- making note of each day and the kind of content that will be shared. Using the right wording is key, you can’t be too suggestive in tone as consumers will understand the vague neediness of your brand and shy away- instead you can throw out facts, specials and teasers that will set your business up in an approachable light.

Change up each day’s content, ask your staff to get involved and brighten up the posts. By giving viewers insight into the venue ‘behind the scenes’ with cutaway clips of staff or following the chefs on duty with ‘what’s in the kitchen today?’, future customers will be given something to ponder and also look forward to. Also, think about adding a range of different platforms which connect to one another in the plan, for instance, if you have an event, try and live stream it by referring to a connected Snapchat account or Instagram live video link. These kinds of posts draw in viewers, by simply clicking a link and watching customers ‘share an experience’, viewers will somehow understand and proceed to want to try that same venue. It’s all in the visuals, so remain engaged, charismatic and informative with your creative posts.


Facebook Videos

Facebook remains the most commonly used social platform, so why not make the most of its sources and build a plan around your brand?

As most of us scroll through our newsfeeds, few things grab our attention; images and videos. Why’s that? Because it’s fast, visual and entertaining, a key fact alluding to our short Facebook friendly attention spans. This hearty attribute reinforces the need to ‘get straight to the point’ by firstly grabbing the attention from your audience and keeping them there. Facebook Ads also do a great deal, by popping up when consumers least expect it, reminding them of offers that may have been missed beforehand. Although, the key winners are clearly Facebook videos, which can be memorable and used as a tool that can be further shared and communicated via for a longer span of time.

This notion of ‘time’ is pretty important when dealing with social media, as minutes can absolutely kill the time slot your ad/content needed to boost its audience interactions- leading to a loss in new followers and future brand conversations. These details may seem minuet, however when creating a plan, these aspects add up and will result in your brands marketing scheme being a success, a moderator or even a failure- so focus on the goal. If you’re in the right space of money to market a video advertisement, whether it be a short/minor animation or an acted skit- the final product needs to be fast, engaging, informative and of course allow the viewer the gain some type of emotion. Emotional reactions may result in curiosity, humour, hunger or desire- all leading to a spike in brand evaluation and connection.

A statistic on ‘Mediakix’ stated that ‘84% Of Facebook Ad Revenue Is From Mobile and CEO Touts Video Growth’ – forming a deeper recognition towards the power of video advertisement for smaller businesses.