Owning a business brings on the task and necessity to maintain valuable relationships with customers- and luckily, technology is helping us do just that. As technology develops, it’s our job to keep up and understand how we can benefit our business by using these new platforms. By integrating a more convenient, informed and valuable approach to marketing, clients will be able to bond with you and your business on a different level.

Some business owners tend to shy away from tech, as they maintain the need to keep their venue traditional- solely relying on the customer’s genuine approach to dining. Though this may sound like a valuable approach, it’s not realistic when dealing with younger generations and their dependence on technology.

To further this notion, consumer consumption on smaller screens has risen, forcing business minded folks to turn ‘mobile first’. In a study from ‘IAB, on the Internet of Things, it was found that nearly two-thirds of American adults now own a connected device’. With new forms of devices being rolled out of the technology industry, it’s important that hospitality hot points are being introduced into this new outlet of marketing. So, make sure you recognize the right ways to thrive within the industry, by adapting and utilizing the right tools for your client base.

Gourmet Food- On the Go

There is already an example on the market of consumer friendly mobile marketing- just look at Uber Eats.

This sensation has allowed customers to dine out in the comfort of their own homes- being given the choice of a number of gourmet joints in their area, without the hassle of waiters, chefs or existing customers hassling their meal time. To reiterate the pull of this app, we just need to focus on the fact that the food is not considered ‘take-away’ but is actually real food, straight from the chef’s kitchen. This concept makes us realise that sitting in a restaurant or even having a shared dining experience isn’t as appealing as it use to be, leaving clients to only true visit venue’s for an occasion. However, this isn’t true for everyone, it only remains a competitive outsource for people who don’t have the chance or energy to visit venue’s in their own time.

If you were to consider joining this sort of service, allowing your meals to be delivered when ordered online- it could in fact boost your profit. Of course this level of service would take a whole new team and focus group to rely on, leaving your restaurant/café to be run in a completely different way. It’s a lot of work and actually takes away the concept of true hospitality, as technology is taking over- though for an increase in recognition and money, it could take off in the long run.

 Instagram- Going Forth

Your social media platforms are now your online shopfront, revealing the ins and outs that go on behind the scenes. Your product remains in your dishes and your drinks- along with the expertise of your staff. So, to successfully deliver an approachable, trustworthy and notable presence on the internet, you must first make sure that your customers are given first priority.

To do so, we can start with Instagram- one of the most commonly used social media apps today, giving you dynamic sources of image, video and message when you need it. For business pages, they have introduced a new tool, allowing you to tag the image with names of products and prices for viewers to see. For instance, if you decide to post a picture of one of your new dishes, along with a cocktail beside it, you can edit the labels onto the photo and allow your client to click further to your website if needed. We can’t say this isn’t useful, especially if you want your product to appear slightly more commercial to reach a larger clientele. Consumer Marketing no longer resides in retail or home wear, but has slowly dwindled its way into hospitality itself. It all depends how you market your products, as alluring photography and video content remains a trustworthy insight into your establishment.

Another way of utilising this tool is to bring forth the power of video content- giving direct information to your customers through your knowledgeable staff. To educate your customers on what food they are eating, before they reach the table and half-listen to a waiter tell them the specials, you could begin uploading videos with the same kind of info. By having a one on one with the head chef every week, as they explain what meals are on the menu and their approach to cooking each dish, customers will be intrigued and impressed with your kitchens outlook and performance.

We know this concept of technology in Hospitality steers away from traditional practices towards customer service, and may even remove the passion associated with your business- however it depends how you approach it. By keeping within your means, but still maintaining a notable form of marketing within apps and social platforms will keep your venue out of the dark and in the right consumers hands.