Managing Your Team

As business continues, your staff will eventually begin to rely and find comfort towards each other. Working towards an understanding that they are a team and must therefore be open and communicate. This is the first building blog in ensuring your team is trusted and can mend situations amongst one another when you’re not around. [...]

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How to Manage Costs

Keeping your wage costs under control is a necessity in this industry- due to business flow changing at any moment, it remains important to rely on crunching numbers. The last thing you want is to end up in heavy debt, with money management falling behind and stock being low at a daily rate- so tackle [...]

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THE FORMULA: Four simple steps to delivering a great experience

There is a simple solution to ensure that each of your customers has a positive and long lasting experience within your business. By enticing them to return, they must leave feeling good. Although there are many factors involved within ‘customer experience’ (we will dive a bit deeper into this in some video training) here are [...]

Extend Your Business Operations

Over time, menu’s will develop, staff will be better trained and your business will have a set system in place. Although, when this ideal situation occurs you will need to start thinking of your next venture- in house. Luckily for owners, it happens naturally- if of course your marketing regime is in full force, along [...]

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Engage Your Staff

Layout the Essentials The product of your business lies in your staff, they will create the atmosphere that customers rely on and will also be the basis of your reviews. It’s not solely the food or beverages that come to your table, it’s about how your server can change the evening from ordinary to enjoyable. [...]

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The Hospitality Prize Is In The Details

I worked a wedding function a few months ago at  a great venue. I arrived and the tables were set  I must admit we had set them on the pack down from the previous wedding the night before, we had just to add the chairs and fill the water glasses. The staff were briefed from [...]

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The difference between a leader and a manager

Both are independent from each other, yet these roles also maintain a relationship which strengthens the other. Their overall goals within service remain similar; being that strong ties with their co-workers must be maintained in order to appear trustworthy, whilst also knowing how to run the venue accordingly in relation to each team member’s strong [...]

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Junior Hospitality Cultural Experience

Culturally experienced staff Introduction I have often found it hard to convey my expectations of service to new junior staff - how do they know what the right thing to do is when quite possibly they have had very little experience of dining and Cafe culture and all its normal expectations. Ok so they have [...]

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Taking Your Brand To The Next Level Up

We often ask ourselves, can I do more to expand my brand? And the answer is a defiant YES, thanks to the realm of social media and instant online communication, the possibilities never truly stop. If you successfully promote your brand in the right spaces to the right crowd, your business will continue to boom [...]

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Understanding the Hospitality Environment

For most, the Hospitality industry provides the notion of friendship, teamwork and trust. One can expect these elements in a majority of workplaces, however, it takes time to reach that level of certainty within a working team. Whether your business venture is recent, or your team is being revamped, new personalities means new dynamics, so [...]

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