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Boost your clientele, the right way…

Brand loyalty may be declining, as customers are becoming savvier and more aware of custom business delivery. You now have to reach clients across multiple platforms, but also, you can’t forget the fundamental reasons each customer visits your revenue. We want to make sure you’re objectives remain within their prior frame, regardless of digital impact! [...]

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Engage Your Staff

Layout the Essentials The product of your business lies in your staff, they will create the atmosphere that customers rely on and will also be the basis of your reviews. It’s not solely the food or beverages that come to your table, it’s about how your server can change the evening from ordinary to enjoyable. [...]

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The Hospitality Prize Is In The Details

I worked a wedding function a few months ago at  a great venue. I arrived and the tables were set  I must admit we had set them on the pack down from the previous wedding the night before, we had just to add the chairs and fill the water glasses. The staff were briefed from [...]

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The Power of Mobile Marketing

Your brands presence and performance levels must be visible across tech platforms- allowing possible clients to access your business in a smooth and up-to-date way, without hassle or confusion. This is ‘mobile-first’ marketing, the new sector which will distinguish your brand above the rest. To master this avenue will take time and certainty, with a [...]

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In The Name of Tech

Owning a business brings on the task and necessity to maintain valuable relationships with customers- and luckily, technology is helping us do just that. As technology develops, it’s our job to keep up and understand how we can benefit our business by using these new platforms. By integrating a more convenient, informed and valuable approach [...]

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The difference between a leader and a manager

Both are independent from each other, yet these roles also maintain a relationship which strengthens the other. Their overall goals within service remain similar; being that strong ties with their co-workers must be maintained in order to appear trustworthy, whilst also knowing how to run the venue accordingly in relation to each team member’s strong [...]

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Junior Hospitality Cultural Experience

Culturally experienced staff Introduction I have often found it hard to convey my expectations of service to new junior staff - how do they know what the right thing to do is when quite possibly they have had very little experience of dining and Cafe culture and all its normal expectations. Ok so they have [...]

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Frequency and touch point service

  Frequency and touch point service Too much attention at the table not enough, it can be a fine line sometimes for a waiter at the table. They need to have impeccable timing and be able to pick up the mood and purpose of the diners but these are just some of the skills that [...]

Fundamentally Floored – Learn to read the floor and your customers will love you

Reading the state of play of your cafe or restaurant throughout service is not innate skill it is very much a skill learned through trial, error , observation, frustration and unfortunately seeing a customer walking out the door without you maximising customer spend or worse not committing to spending money in your Business for some [...]

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Why communication is key to customer happiness

Your lunch was fantastic but now you need coffee - and the staff are nowhere in sight. Your latte may be behind 5 other docketed orders whilst your lunch date is nearing to an end, but the last thing you need to do is freak out. This delay is most likely caused by a shift change or [...]

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