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Staff Retention – How to reward, inspire and build a strong team

In an effort to retain employees, a distinction should be made between top performers and low level employees, in order to distinguish the most valuable players working within your business. This can be challenging, as top priority talent is hard to come by and even harder to keep- which is why you must follow the [...]

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Taking Your Brand To The Next Level Up

We often ask ourselves, can I do more to expand my brand? And the answer is a defiant YES, thanks to the realm of social media and instant online communication, the possibilities never truly stop. If you successfully promote your brand in the right spaces to the right crowd, your business will continue to boom [...]

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Understanding the Hospitality Environment

For most, the Hospitality industry provides the notion of friendship, teamwork and trust. One can expect these elements in a majority of workplaces, however, it takes time to reach that level of certainty within a working team. Whether your business venture is recent, or your team is being revamped, new personalities means new dynamics, so [...]

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Welcome to Hospitality Hub!

Hello and welcome to Hospitality Hub and to our inaugural blog post. I must say that it’s pretty exciting to finally be writing our first blog post in anticipation of our launch. For our team this has been a concept we have been engineering for the past 12 months, its pretty awesome to see something [...]

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